Edu-Accenta is a training institution for language courses in the Netherlands.
The courses are aimed mainly at students with an integration requirement (inburgeringsplicht) but also those without and want to learn the Dutch language are welcome to take part in our language courses.
Edu-Accenta has a Certification from ‘Blik op Werk’ and all teachers are certified NT2 teachers and registered at the BVNT2 registration.

Edu-Accenta Works with small groups of 5 to a maximum of 15 participants.
After applying we will duscuss which language level you have and an introductery interview will take place.
You can participate in the following courses:
-Literacy Group
-Course A1 – A2 (regular group inburgering)
-Course A2 (preparation inburgeringsexamen)
-Course B1 and B2 (preparation for Staatsexamen 1 en 2)
-Course ONA (course of 15 weeks is which is part of inburgeringsexamen)
On the whole the traject for the inburgeringsexamen will take about a year.